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5 (6 Reviews)
Reward your dog with these mouth-watering Venison bites. Low in fat and high in nutrition. Each piece has just one quality ingredient. No chemicals, preservatives, or other unnecessaries. The unique proteins in venison help avoid common meat allergies dogs can have. Simply grab a few pieces and feed to your dog as a snack or food topper.
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Alpha Bites Venison is a premium treat for dogs. Containing 100% venison. Nothing else. The venison is gently freeze dried to keep it fresh and full with it’s original nutrition. Making this one of the most delicious and nutritious snacks you can feed to your dog.

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About Alpha Bites Dog Treats

The hard truth is most dog treats are like human treats, full of junk.

We often assume because it says “natural” on the packaging it’s healthy. But a closer shows one or two natural ingredients alongside unhealthy fillers.

We believe your dog's treats should work for them, not against them.

So we source one highly nutritious meat from farms we know. Then take it through a unique freeze drying process that keeps the taste without adding waste. Giving your pup the feeling of being a real top dog.

With Alpha Bites you can be confident you are feeding your dog a best-in-class treat using prime cuts of meat.

One Ingredient: Venison

We make this delicious dog treat with one ingredient: Venison. Perfect for pet parents who want to give a tasty treat without worrying about extra additives.

Ingredient deer
Ingredient deer

How Our Venison Helps Dogs

Venison is remarkable. Packed with protein, B vitamins, plus minerals like iron and zinc. Which all contribute to keeping your dog free and active.

The proteins in venison are novel. That means dogs digest them without triggering immune reactions seen with more common meat proteins.

Beyond that, this rare meat is incredibly lean. A great solution for anyone wanting to keep their dog at an ideal weight, without putting on excess pounds

But the part dogs love best is the gamey flavour. Because we freeze dry the venison fresh, it means each bite contains roughly 5 times the amount of raw venison as it would unfreezed. Making every piece taste potent.

Our Guarantee

Alpha Bites is protected by our See The Difference Or Its Free Guarantee.
We work hard to formulate the most advanced, all-natural products available — which is why every purchase is protected by our See The Difference or It’s Free Guarantee!

If your dog isn’t thrilled with this product or even if they wouldn’t choose it over their current favourite treat, just let us know. You can send back the unused portion, any time within 90 days — and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Alpha Bites Venison so unique?

Most dog treats include low-quality meat, additives, grains, and harmful preservatives. We wanted to produce a product that works for your dog, not against them.

That’s why we created Alpha Bites Venison made using deer. Using 100% human grade prime meat cuts. We then freeze dry pieces to ensure minimal nutritional value is lost.

Why are these treats freeze dried?

We want every product to contain the maximum amount of nutrition for your dog.

Lab tests have found freeze drying retains 97% of original nutritional values. Compared with standard heat dry processing most dogs treats go through that retain only 60-70% of the nutritional value.

Do the treats need to be rehydrated before serving?

No. Every Alpha Bite is ready to eat as soon as you open the packet.

How many treats can I give my dog a day?
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What happens if my dog doesn’t like them?

We committed to making the easiest treats for all breeds and ages with Alpha Bites

They are loved by even the pickiest eaters. However if your dog isn’t thrilled with this product or even if they wouldn’t choose it over their current favourite treat, then please get in touch with customer service to discuss our 100% money back guarantee.


5 (6 Reviews)
Kyriakos D.
The best treat available
We have to watch what we give our Staffy due to skin allergies and also not to encorage weight gain as he is in his senior years. He absolutely loves these Alpha Bites and being as natural as possible (nothing added) there cant be anything better. They are a bit on the pricey side but worth every penny.
Jo K.
Meg loves her Alpha Bites
I bought 3 bags of Alpha Bites for my cockerpoo Meg a while ago and as soon as we get back from our walk she goes to the cupboard where they are kept and sits there until I give her some. She absolutely loves them and Im sure would polish off the lot if given half a chance! They are on the expensive side, but definitely worth it.
Vicki W.
OMG, my two went CRAZZZZZYYYY for these, they loved them. Will be buying more in this range for sure. Really great to know that the company are looking out for the best in the dogs. Would highly recommend
Linda C.
Alpha Bites
I have two Jack Russell females and they go absolutely crazy for them.
Jackie A.
They love them.
We decided to try these for our two dogs to make sure their diet remained healthy even with a few treats. Its a real worry to us as to what is in a lot of dog treats so are wary of buying them. Our young border collie is very fussy about his food and won't even try a lot of treats but he absolutely loves Alpha Bites. Our other dog loves them too and we've never seem them so obedient when the Alpha Bites come out of the cupboard!