Canine Prime
Canine Prime
I received my product a few days ago and immediately began to add small amounts to my dog’s meals to introduce canine prime as the get going guide suggested. This was a Very considered purchase. I have always fed my dog complete dry food with a proportionately small amount of wet food added. I was fortunate and my dog didn’t fuss over the change so I built up to half a scoop in each meal quickly. So far I am noticeably pleased as I am able to see a clear difference in her coat. Shiny, sleek but also thicker. She is a short coated white dog and has a lot of black skin pigmentation. Normally this shows through and she actually sheds a lot. Since giving this and it is only 5 days there is a noticeable lessening in the shedding and her coat is definitely thicker and looking good. As to the rest I will review again as I notice any improvements.
Good product, but too pricey,
This stuff is amazing, I have 2 dogs @ after about 2 wks on starting canine prime I noticed a big difference in their energy levels, one was particularly reserved but is now more active @ seems to have more confidence, both r thriving on it so I will keep them on it, balancing things out it will work out cheaper than vets bills @ medication they may have to go on as they get older. Prevention is better than cure in my book
My dog seems to be a lot better since being on Canine Prime. We no longer have to run from the room to avoid the windy smell and his poo is a lot drier and easier to collect. It's only been a couple of weeks so it can only get better. Thank you
She is 14 years of age she did have a job getting up off the floor since she's been taking it in her food she is a lot better and bit more mobile
I've only been using Canine Prime for a few weeks with my rescue Staffie X called Lola. She already gets a very good diet but I want to give her the very best nutrition possible. I knew Canine Prime was going to be top notch! I've been seeing Lola's coat become shinier and softer already, and my husband also noticed the change without remembering she was getting this supplement and without my saying anything. And this is just an outward reflection of all the goodness that is going on inside her body. Thank you.
My dog eats high quality food, and is very fit, so there were no marked differences, @he does however now seem very happy all the time, but not sure if it's the Prime or the Relax and Restore. This made an amazing difference within days - her reactive behaviour and over-excitement has almost disappeared!
My dog is suffering from idiopathic Trigeminal neuritis and Homer Syndrome, he has started to eat now and since I have added Canine Prime to his food he has eaten more. His coat has improved, and he is more alert. Just need to get him to drink.
My 15 1/2 year old Cavalier King Charles has really been suffering with arthritus in his back legs and seemed pretty down, since taking this (which he had no trouble eating) he seems to have perked up alot, he seems more interested in things now, obviously at this ripe old age his arthritis isn't going to be cured but to see him run up the garden to chase the birds off like he used to puts a big smile in my face....
Cant believe it actually worked also quickly. Within a matter of a couple of days putting it on their food, their ( sorry for the bluntness ) poo didnt smell!!! Its a real bonus when out walking them. They loved it from the off. Was worried theyd notice and not eat, but no worries on that score. Will definitely continue to use it.
Holly has had no problem enjoying her canine prime with her dinner, although it's only been 2 weeks I am positive she has more energy and seems fitter in general.. I am so glad I saw the advert.
Canine Prime has most definitely improved the health of my 13 year old Yorkshire terrier Lily. Her eyes a bright and alert and she wants to,play again and she had much more energy than she has had for a while. People think she is a puppy and are very surprised when I say she is 13. I am so happy.
Both my dogs aged 9 and 6 have been on Canine Prime for about two weeks. I give the tip of a teaspoon for their evening meal. It does appear to have improved the 6 year old halitosis and their poo has improved. I know the recommended dose is larger but even with a regular small intake it seems to work and give benefit.
in the few weeks ollie has been taking canine prime he now has more normal poo and is back to his usual happy go lucky self he has the skip back in his walk and his coat is soft and shiny again. He was looking pale about the gills but now back to normal. Glad i purchased the 3 tubs. Highly recommend
I ordered Canine Prime the end of July for my dog Koda hes a 16 month old Cockapoo,Ive had him from 8 weeks old and he has had a bowl problem ever since I got him.It has cost me a fortune in vet bills,they just kept giving me tables for him,then 3months ago I was really fed up with this as he had blood in his stools and told them to do something about it.So he was put on Steroids and other tables and had to send his stools away to be tested.It came back as Koda had a bowl Disease I was so agree because they should have done something sooner as I kept tell them something is wrong.But thank god I came along Canine Prime and read about it,so I ordered 3pots Koda has been on this since 3rd August 2020 and Im so happy that I ordered this as Kodas coat was dull to but now its got a shine to his coat,and his poo is normal and hes not taking any medication now. I am definitely going to order more for my baby boy Koda and would recommend this for any dogs.My Koda loves it also hes not eating everything off the ground when I take him out.
Jet (9yr old Portuguese Water Dog) has new energy and sparkle. He gets up without creaking and LOVES the taste of his powder. Its made meal time more exciting too.
Im in my first month of canine prime, so far Im really happy with the small changes that I have seen, both play together a lot more, and my older newfies ears seem not as waxy, and eyes not all runny, hopefully will see other benefits in the next couple of months. I would recommend giving canine prime a try and see if you see any benefits for your dog.
My dog, Buddy, loves the taste of this powder so no problem with giving it to him. We have noticed that he seems to have more energy. It seemed to take a couple of weeks for there to be a noticeable difference. Really pleased with this product and Buddy seems very pleased too!
Tilly has been using it now for a few weeks. Cant see much differents she still bites her paws, Made be she has a little more energy. Her fur is beautiful. I want to keep using it. Made be she needs more time on it. Tilly is only 5 years old, and a TT.
I have found Canine Prime to be so beneficial in many ways. Bramble has always had a sensitive tummy and eats grass often. This has changed his stomach has stopped gurgling, he is brighter, more energetic his eyes appear clearer. Brambles brindle coat is so shiny he looks great. He is a bit older not sure what age but so much brighter. I would definitely recommend this product.
My dog is an elderly rescue dog from Bulgaria, he's probably about 12, I was told he was about 10 when I had him 2 years ago. He is a small cross between a shitzu and something. He is very slow and clearly not used to much excercise. I feed him with a well known and good feed but thought he might need some extra vitamins. He loves his food and I feel there may be some improvement in his walking but it is very diffficult to know for sure as he also has arthritis. I will continue the vitamin supplement for a while but will give him a little less than the recommended dose. I may be expecting a bit too much from him. He's a sweet little dog who was thrown out of a car and left to die.
My greyhound is ten years old. He obviously has slowed down a lot and has joint problems,but he seems to be more perky and a bit more active since giving him canine prime. We think it has made a difference so will be continuing with it.
I'm not normally one for writing reviews, but for me this is a very important one. My Border collie Harry, was rescued in February of this year. He was one of the worst cases of neglect the home manager had ever seen. Harry was unable to walk. He was borderline pts. He had dermatitis, ringworm, alopecia, dry scabby skin and red raw patches. Lumps, bumps, his feet too sore to touch and his hind limbs tucked right underneath him. He shoulders are twisted and his head was so tilted to the left that when he tried to walk, he fell over. He had no hair on his tail, which has also been broken, synonymous with a tail pull. He had been kept in a filthy, tiny cramped space where he couldn't lay properly or stretch. He had been there for 13 years. Despite everything, he smiled. I adopted Harry 3 weeks later expecting palitive care, but it wasn't to be. Harry (I call him Happy Harry) took every opportunity to get better and ran with it) He had improved beyond expectation when I came across Micheal's video about Canine Prime, and with interest I ordered a jar. I thought we may have plateaued, but after only one week, I saw an even faster development in Harry's rehabilitation. We are now 5 weeks in and Harry coat actually gleams, his hydrotherapist commented that he has the softest and silkiest coat she's ever seen. He has more energy and I hope, less old age joint discomfort. His eyes sparkle and the huge surprise is that his night time anxiety has plummeted. He jumps on his bed at night and sleeps like a baby! All I wanted was for Harry to have a chance to be the best that he could be and for us to have some adventures. We don't have time on our side, so the quality of Harry's life is so important. Canine prime has been absolutely instrumental in helping to give us both a chance and I am immensely grateful to Micheal for developing this product. I understand that good nutrition is key to physical and mental wellbeing, and I can rest assured Harry gets 100% of his needs met, every day . Thank you
Cant praise it enough, Layla my goldendoodle has a new lease of life . She is now out of pain
Louis a Shiatsu in particular has had amazing results. From being uninterested in his food, shall I eat, or shall I not? To where is my dinner, and has stopped being a sickly dog. If he gets a gripe , its usually over within a few hours and.looks for his dinner again .he would be sick two or 3 times a week. He has not been sick since starting Canine Prime. He is now full of beans Poppy a Jack Russel ,was always very healthy except that she suffers from a little muscular back discomfort, which has improved somewhat as she is no longer rubbing her back on the floor She loves the Canine Prime and even is even more full of vitality. Both dogs are 8 years old. So glad it was recommended to us . Jan Pops and Louis
Harry is a 12 and 4 month old labrador who has arthritis since he gas been on canine prime I have noticed a big difference in him and also my grow up children have as well. He has become naughtier he will run away from me if he picks up a scent he wants to investigate. Whereas before he just couldnt be bothered .
my whippet who has been suffering from like hay fever symptoms and we have been giving her allergy tablets for years. She is 10 years and suffers with joint problems too. Since been on canine prime she no longer takes any medication or allergy tablets , she looks healthy all round and manages to keep up playing with my sisters 2year old German shepard. Thankyou so much xx
Ruby our black labrador is nearly 14 years old. We have always kept her weight down knowing that the dreaded arthritis would eventually be a spectre at our door. It arrived when she was about 11. She has arthritis in her ankles, shoulders, hips, spine and jaw which also means incontinence at times. I should say she was on some high quality joint supplements at this time. She has looked very tired and old of late and very slow and it worried us. .We don't go for a walk, just a very slow stroll! Saw Canine Prime and thought we'd give it a go. Ruby has been having Canine Prime for about three weeks now and we are noticing a difference. Coming down the stairs in the morning, she now wants to jump the last three steps!! Following us down the garden she'll run to catch up with us, whereas before we'd wait a veeeeery long time for her to catch up. The garden room is in an elevated position and we have to stop her wanting to jump the metre height rather than walk down the steps in a sedate manner. In our book, all signs that she's feeling a lot better, happier and comfortable. The difference in Ruby is wonderful and now we just have to survive her heart stopping acrobatics, she obviously feels a lot younger again. A wonderful problem to have! Thank you.
This is the only supplement my dogs have ever taken, They now have more energy than before which is good for all of us.
Hi my girls are doing well there coats are shinning my old girl is full of it I am finding the calming tablets have started to work on honey who is frightened of her own shadow an this is only a couple weeks
I have a very newly rescued 2 yr old timid border collie. When I picked her up she had a dull, lifeless coat with dry flaky skin and smelly facaes. I started her on Prime on day 5 at the same time as gradually changing her diet to a lower protein version of what she had been used to. We quickly saw a difference - we now have a glossy scurf free coat, nice firm stools which havent got a terrible smell. On top of which - no bad breath. Thank you
I wasnt sure if it was doing much good only to the fact that her fur was lovely. But after 2 months of use if it, I really have seen a diff rents in my little girl. More playful walking with a mission. And the squerrels dont get a look in the garden. So I am pleased I carried on with it. Thanks
My dog is old ---a chocky labrador and she is 12 and a half. She was diagnosed with arthritis in all four limbs at the age of 3 and I have managed it with golden paste and stopping her jumping and watching that she hasn't overdone exercise --- I stopped throwing a ball and just rolled it etc. As she got older I had to give her Rimadyl as well. She still loves going for a walk ---mainly slowly these days. It's very early days after just 2 weeks of Canine Prime but I do believe she is more active on her walks. She still sleeps a lot these days- but is still enjoying life . I will reserve judgemant at the moment and continue with the Canine Prime as it does seem to be helping her. I don't expect miracles at her advanced age.
My almost 8 year year old Staffie was starting to slow down at agility, partly due to his epilepsy meds I think. I thought I would try him on Canine prime. He absolutely loves it, the bowl goes around the kitchen. He has been on it for about 2 months and he seems to have more energy, fewer poles down at training and not as tired at the end of the session, unlike me! He is more active during the day too and his coat is lovely and shiny too. Long may it continue.
Tonic, my labrador has spondylosis along her spine and since taking powder seems happier in herself.
My 2 dogs are both loving the taste of this on their food. Eat every scrap of food and veg that I give them. They are both more energetic (except on rainy days when they don't like going out!), and have brighter eyes and glossier coats. Both seem in much better health all round, with no joint aches and pains either. Wish I had found this product earlier. Thank you so much.
Early days but looks like my dog's health may be improving
My almost 14 year old blind Border collie Skye has been on Canine Prime for two weeks and is much more active and seems in much less discomfort from his arthritis. He is going on much longer walks quite happily. He has always had a really shiny coat and this has been enhanced by using Canine Prime. He seems to like the taste of the powder and he eats all his meals as soon as they are put down to him. Will continue with the powder and see how my beautiful boy progresses. Thank you for a very good product which is helping my best pal.
Does exactly what it says on the tub, Ive nearly reached the end of my first tub and my 5 year old Puggles coats have never looked so shiny, they have loads of energy. I definitely recommend.
Buddy really likes the taste, I sprinkle it over his food. I have already seen a big difference, his pooh is firmer, he used to be quite sloppy. He also has a click knee which doesn't seem to be bothering him any where near as much
Since having Canine Prime sprinkled on his dinner, my black Labradors coat is so shiny. He always used to limp after a walk and chasing his ball but not since being on the powder for a few days. He loves the flavour and looks forward to dinner time!!
Reggie I have to say is better for my purchase. He just had a 'mad monent' which I've not seen in a long while. By 'mad moment' I mean, running at speed, like they sometimes do, you've all probably seen this with your own dogs. Round & round the table he went. I thought he wasn't going to stop, & if I never see this again (he's 14 yrs old now) it's been worth it. He was like a 6yr old. Thank you Dr. Laziris for the goodness you supply. Natural goodness.
I just wanted to let you know and thank you for such a brilliant product. I dont know if its magic , coincidence or luck but Ive been using canine prime and making my dogs food fresh for the past two months. I give him chicken , rice & veg and add the canine prime (1.5 scoops) to each meal. My 12 year old whippet has reverted to being a puppy. Hes alert , ears pricked , chasing toys (and squirrels) eats every bit of his meal , even licks the bowl clean . No stomach issues and joints , eyes and pretty much everything is like hes just been given a new lease of life. I know this sounds a bit gushy but really I cant believe the difference. Whatever it is , it works and he is so much happier .
I cannot believe the change in my two westies. Amazing stuff. They have been on it 6 weeks but I saw a difference in 4 weeks. My 11year old westie was stiff and dragging her back feet.. Couldn't jump up. She is now a really happy and playful dog. Lots more energy. My 9 year old westie is so much more content. I love this stuff and will continue to use it. Thankyou
Im actually on 4th tub and Poppy seems great, she is a whippet and gets tummy/anal gland issues and she seems much better now. Thank you
Toffee liked canine prime from the first time I sprinkled it on her food. She is almost 11 years old and is pretty fit. I cant bring myself to give her a whole scoop each time as it is very expensive. I am a canny Scot of almost 80 and I look after my pennies!
Lily has been on canine prime for 3 weeks now, was concerned she would not eat her food when I put the powder on, but no she is fine with it. Shes 12 years now and was not going out for her usual walks she would stop and turn around after She had done her business, but now shes got a bit more oompah in her and she takes me out, longer.Lily was also chasing the seagulls she hadnt done that for a long time (never caught them though). So I must admit I see a difference in her, and that make me HAPPY. Love her to bits
Chimm is a 13.5 year old Westie. She is simply the most loving and easy going little person who never stops giving. She has got the zip back in her step, loves her walks and her sense of adventure and fun is back. Her coat is thicker and more shiny, and her tail more waggy. She no longer groans and moans when getting up or jumping onto her chair. She has though put on a tiny bit of weight which we are doing our best to lose! Overall, Chimm seems happier and healthier, and long may it last. I have recommended Canine Prime to my dog-loving friends.
Mr Darcey is a rescued 4 year old greyhound and a joy to have around. He is full of energy and his stools aren't quite so loose now and seem to be improving daily.
Hello all, Since ordering this product my wife and I have started our dogs on this right away, we have seen their coats become more shiny, my pug is 10 yrs old and was having problems walking as she gets stiff in the colder months and canine prime has really helped her out in terms of her mobility. My other dog (Kooiker Hound) is taking it and he's looking better in terms of his energy and coat so I'm really pleased using this product for enhancing their health to a higher level.
When I took notice of this product my 6 month puppy had diarrhoea and was off his food, this lasted about a week, although the diarrhoea cleared up his poo was always a little too soft, ( even before his ill stage), this formula has help with it being a bit firmer. The fact that hes a very lively puppy anyway its difficult to say if hes got my go in him but he seems to like it so Ill carry on for now
They are not too keen on taste so mix it in with the water and some food. Definite improvement in their coats and their general well being - eyes are bright and they have lots of energy.
Would recommend Canine Prime and have to people I know with dogs, my dog doesn't mind it mixed in her food ,she is a Lurcher so wouldn't expect her to turn her nose up. It's piece of mind the reason with all the advantages of the product. Thank you for developing it, 100% dedication in what you have achieved and although it's pricey I will buy it unless the day came when I couldn't afford it.
Jakie has loved this product since day one and he's just had his first grooming since starting and he looks marvelous Thank you
Its early days but Bruno loves his main meal of the day with CP added and a little hot water mixed in. We give him cooked meat from Butternut Box which he loves and dry kibbles from twice daily. We never give him human food but he has good quality dog treats when he is good; he is a fabulous 12 year old labradoodle and running around on the beach he looks half his age! Thanks for the opportunity to share my hopes for his longevity.
Just started canine prime on my six year old St Bernard with excellent results.
I started using Canine Prime the day I got it and saw small improvements in Bruno (staffie cross) straight away. His main problem was movement; he was struggling with his back paws, couldn't walk up the stairs properly, he got overly anxious when I took him out on his lead. Fast forward just over two weeks, he's back to his cheeky self, he can't get out the door fast enough for his walks, his coat is rich in colour and he's so much more affectionate and grateful. I'm so glad I discovered Canine Prime, thankyou so much.
I give canine prime 5 stars It is so easy to use just add to the food . My elkhound is under 2 years she has no problems I want to keep her nutrition the best I can . She is my baby and she will get the Best that I can give
My Retriever had problems with sickness and diarrhea but Since using this amazing canine prime my Retriever has no problems. She has brightened up and she got lots more energy. Thank you
Hey iam so happy you stand my dog Fred a canine prime he so happy now he loves it have get more for next month he looks hearth now thank you thank you from me and Fred bless you
My dog seems to love canine prime and although it's difficult to see any difference in him, because he is fit and well anyway at the moment praise God, being a Scottish terrier and the breed having a gene "puddle" rather than a gene pool I want to keep him as healthy as possible so feed him on Eden kibble, veg, cottage cheese and now add canine prime. I keep him away from all chemicals as well. Bertie is now 5 years old and hope he will be with me for many years to come. Thank you.
I have recently received the newest member of my household, a 13 month old lurcher called Mary, who is very loving and keen to learn. She has taken well to canine prime and I am confident that I am giving her a boost to her health.
Using Primenutrition seems to be controlling cowpat poos and bad wind in my dog. He is bouncier and more playful. He is a six years old hunter, pointer retriever.
I rescue and rehabilitate German shepherds. Currently I have two very old ones a boy and girl, they are both showing signs or arthritis and pain in their lower backs and hind legs plus a bit of depression and possibly doggy dementia. I have tried another well known joint supplement for 6 months which didnt see them get any worse but didnt make improvements that Id read in reviews. So I searched for something else natural. Im not a great fan of pharmaceuticals, dont get me wrong there is a place for them but as a nurse (Hunan)! I see all too often how pharmaceuticals create side effects that need yet another pill and so on and so on. I did try CBD oil but both sheps being over the age of 12 the oil was a bit aggressive on their tummies. So I started canine prime. Being sheps with typical sensitive stomachs I started off very very slow and built up the dose and I am already seeing a difference. Not only in their mobility but also in their overall condition. Eyes brighter, coats more shiny, not quite so confused and definitely less depressed. Plus its really only early days so I look forward to seeing how much more improvement we achieve.
Our dog Zelda always has been the healthiest, happiest and most energetic dog around, but it was always a struggle to get her to eat. We have been adding Canine Prime to her food for a few months now. It took a while for it to make a difference, but now she licks her bowl completely clean, which she NEVER did before! If its done nothing else, it guarantees that she always eats the right kind of food, and stays healthy & happy
My dog seems to be a bit more perky but would like to review over a few more weeks. He has health issues so hoping Canine Prime will improve his health.
Many people will consider this product as too expensive and dismiss it ,but they would be making a big mistake!,I am only on the first tub of "Canine Prime ",and the difference in my dog "Poppy " is amazing,she was diagnosed with arthritis 2 years ago,after undergoing 2 operations on her legs for other conditions,she was walking very badly,she is only 8 years old,so I bought a product against dog arthritis,it didn't work,but yours did,she is "back"running,walking,Thank You so much
Our gorgeous old cavalier, Dougie has been struggling with his mobility and had seemed quite flat in his mood. Since starting canine prime he has been running to dinner bowl, and is much happier! Poop scooping is now easy too as his movements are much firmer! Happy dog, happy parents!
This powdered nutrients is amazing, Ive tried so many expensive types of dog foods and my little dog has a sensitive stomach. I had to add dry food in the wet to give him the probiotics he needs. He stopped eating his dry food for days he seems to like wet food better when I tried him on this. I have struggled to get my little dogs glands not to keep flaring up with the changing of the food. But I just sprinkling this powder over his wet food and it has made his pop solid every time, without having to add the dry food into it.I just cant believe the difference in him. I would totally recommend this and have ordered a second lot. I was a bit sceptical about ordering as Ive tried so many products that he just wont eat and it was more expense. But it actually does work best thing Ive ever ordered for him. I definitely will not be changing from this now. Finally I have found a product that gives him all the nutrients he needs and he can still eat the food he likes.
The 2 boys have bn great pops are better and don't smell as much I would recommend it 2 anyone
Have two dogs, one of which is a very fussy eater - no longer After nearly nearly five years hes at last leaving a clean bowl. Have been introducing slowly and both seem to like. Success!!
My wee daushy seems to have got more mobility than before my other two shit zue don't seem to eat other bogs dirt
Very good stuff i have seen what a change in the way my dogs walk and run around so much now
At the moment my dog is suffering bouts of diarrhoea but I am hoping that this will settle with time.
I wasnt sure what to expect but after a couple of weeks my dog has got his spark back. Definitely going to keep going with Canine Prime.
I have 2 8yr old labradors one is prone to stomach upsets and since being on the prime his tummy has been much better a win win for both of us. My other lab has numerous hotspots on her back that set her off scratching and biting. She still has the hotspots but not biting as much.
Have 2 shitzus age 9 who are really fussy eaters and will only eat chicken. They had terrible diarrhoea, spent over 500 with regular visits to the vets and medication. I knew it was down to a protein diet. Again spent a fortune on different dog foods , wet and dry, nothing worked. Since using Caine prime, they are now back to normal. No more tummy troubles, and i have the peace of mind that they are getting the nutrients and vitamins they need. Thank you.
Jenson gained a lot of weight after being castrated back in September 2020; he walks at least five miles a day. The vet suggested cutting Jenson's daily rations by 40%. which we have done. To give Jenson a better nutritional balance we added Canine Prime, which he doesn't mind. His weight loss is very gradual and we are pleased that he seems to have more energy.
My Westie had been struggling for 3 months! She had itchy, scaly, sore skin, runny poo and constantly suffering with her back leg. The vet gave us shampoo and anti inflammatory tablets which did little to help. (At only 7 years old I wasnt ready to let this be the new normal). So I changed her diet and started to use Canine Prime. I am delighted to say I have my young dog back. We have a 6 month old puppy who was fed up of being snapped at, who can now run along side her big sister and play in the snow together. I can see her skin improving and much less scratching. Her stomach problems are gone and her leg is as strong as it used to be, no more limping and stiffness after walks. She has never turned her nose up at feeding times and eats it all up (on a personal note it does smell foody and not at all unpleasant). Thank you for bringing my lively, friendly dog back to us!!
Buddy has put quite a lot of weight on recently. He picks anything up from outside. We are now feeding him small amounts twice a day. A few biscuits, fish, canine prime and a little veg. He seems healthy enough. Thank you. If his weight does not reduce I will be back to research more from you. Many thanks. Christine Pattinson
Hi, I would like to say that your product is AMAZING ! MY colie dog poppy has gone from strength to strength. She's lost wait, and her energy levels have picked rite up ! And my bullcross Snoopy has gone through the roof health wise. Jumping about like a spring lamb lol. Thank you for all the years of research and dedication you have done to get to this point, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Andy
Amazing! We have a 14 + old Chesapeake Bay Retriever which is a very old age for such a big dog. We were quite convinced that we were closed to the end as he was constantly having stomach problems over the last year and the vet diagnosed kidney problems .This advert popped up and I thought.. ok! I will give it a try even though I did not have much hope. The dog is NEW, long walks again , running after the tennis balls . Enjoys the dinners . He had his quality of life back . He is an happy old fellow again. Unbelievable
Robbie is 8 years old.A Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He recently has developed anal gland problems, six minths ago he had an abscess. He has been having Pro fibre added to his meal . He has had very good care from our vet. I saw Canine Prime advertised and decided to try it for him. I was particularly worried about his cindition as inApril this year our other Cavalier died having developed a cancerous rectal tumour. Robbie has been very down grieving for his little mate who was 10 when she died. Robbie has been on regular follow up for his anal gland problem but at his oast visit after only a short time taking the Canine Prime his examination showed his anal gland to be completely empty. He seems to be taking more of an interest in things around him.
Alfie is certainly thriving and is full of energy, his coat is glossy and getting thicker. I am sure the canine prime is helping him to stay in tip top condition .
We ordered Canine Prime with some caution. I checked with our vet who had heard of it but did not know of anyone who had used it. Our main concern was that one of our labradors has pancreaitus. The vet did not think this would adversely affect her. Within three days my husband noticed a change in their energy levels. They have now been on it for just over three weeks and we are really pleased with their improvement. We would have no hesitation in recommending it. The only downside is the price (especially when you have more than one large dog), but to be honest it is worth it.
i was told my dog would need another op on her knee joint she has already both back legs done so having read your reviews i thought i would try canine prime well i must say it seems to be working she is now weight baring now with only a slight limp thankyou just please make it cheaper or larger containers as shes a 40 kg dog
I am interested in prolonging the life if my 10 year old yellow labrador. He is currently fit and healthy. I keep him at a reasonable weight but not too skinny as he is ten. He is still able to run and jump when he wants to but not as consistently active as he was when he was younger. He ambles along until something interesting takes his fancy. I am aware that his dog food is not giving him all the nutrients he needs but he enjoys it and is not sick with it. He has a sensitive tummy which us easily upset. I therefore started him on canine prime to boost his current food. I introduced it slowly and he tolerates it well. Its hard to judge its effectiveness as he was well before using it but I firmly believe that it will help prolong his life and help keep illness at bay. I take supplements myself so it stands to reason that I should boost my dogs diet. The only treats he gets is fruit. He loves bananas and pears . I am going to try the recipe for home cooked food given by Dr Michael this week.
Alfie (my grand dog) is 10.5 years. Chocolate Labrador. Hes become a bit plodding and slow but there seems to be an improvement in him after 1 month of the powder. Just ordered 3 more tubs and hope he continues to improve.
Have still not worked up to the full amount yet up to about three quarters of a scoop But with the Combined visit to the groomers reduced diet(he was a little over weight) and the formular Teddy seems to be a more happier boy with more energy and alertness
My little dog is still getting used to the taste and seems to be enjoying it now. (The first few days were a little strange for her I think). I tried this product to hopefully keep her healthy and improve a slight limp she has which is caused by arthritis. Her coat is looking good and I think her limp which only seems to last a few seconds after she starts to move seems easier.
First time Ive tried canine Prime. Having 3 cocker Spaniel dogs. Sprinkled on top of the food. They certainly liked it, would lick the Bowles clean. I did notice they didnt scratch So much. As much as Im pleased with the product, its a bit expensive for me. However will recommend this to my friends and their dogs.
We bought canine prime (for our 10 year old Glen of Imaal Terrier, Rocky) as a last resort. Rocky was struggling walking up the stairs at night to go to bed and my husband started to carry him up as he has always lay on the landing outside our room. We just thought hes getting old. My husband seen canine prime advertised on Facebook and we talked about all its benefits and read a lot of the reviews. It seemed too good to be true but there wasnt any negative reviews and we decided to give it a go. We did not see any change after the first tub but decided if we are going to see changes we need to give it our best shot so we decided to buy a second tub. If it hadnt worked by the end of that we would stop. However half way through the second tub we started to see a huge change. Going up to bed one night rocky bounced up stairs in front of me. I couldnt believe it. I still cant . He plays with his toys the way he use to, jumping up in the air to catch his ball and running to fetch it when we throw it up the hall. Its amazing. I cant recommend this product enough.
Been on Canine Prime for a couple of weeks now and my dog has a better appetite, his stomach is better and he is more active.
Bonnie likes the powder always eats her food , she had a problem with a ligament 2/3 months and we are hoping it will help her joints and muscles and also any pain she has .At the moment it is too soon to tell but she is certainly lively hasnt had her usual walk because of the weather ,our vet suggested we try to walk her on grass .We are giving her half a scoop at present .
My six year old dog was starting to slow down and didnt run around much as she used to on walks, since using this product she has a lot more energy.
I have two 11 year old border collie dogs who were beginning to slow down a little due to their age. One more so than the other. I saw this product advertised and decided to try it. I staggered at the change in both dogs!! They were like puppies again! Even my husband who doesnt always notice things commented. Its expensive, particularly for two pensioners, but worth every penny. Ive recommended the product to everyone I know! Thank you
Since I have been supplementing my 12 year old hound with canine prime, I have definitely seen an improvement in her energy levels. She has an extra spring in her step & actually has a few little run arounds when we go for a morning walk. She has arthritis, bouts of chronic pancreatitis & a slight heart murmur, therefore we are careful with her diet. Great to see her at her best.
I gave my Tilly (Tibetan terrier) of 5 year canine prime because the vet said she had arthritis in her hip. It took a few pots to see any difference, I could see she was running up the stairs again and getting on my bed again, she was more playful, and her fur was lovely. Through lockdown being at home for 7 months with no money coming in, I couldnt effort to order any more till I go back to work. So I put her some thing else ( a lot cheaper) it wasnt until a few days ago I noticed she finding it hard to get up the steps, her fur looks dull, and she is biting her paws again... I had just a little bit of canine prime left( 2 small scoops) so I have used it. And my goodness, all ready she looks happier, and she still is biting her paws but even that is a bit better, and as I write this is has jumped on my bed and is fast asleep. And yes I have ordered more. Hope to go back to work on the 12 april.
My two westies have been on this powder for about ten months now and I will never take them off it. It's not only improved their health but personality too. Hard to believe but true. My twelve year old girl was dragging her legs and could no lo ger jump. Nothing stops her now. I do have dog steps for higher places but she has no problems. They seem to have much healthier appitites too. It seems alot to pay but cheaper than trips to the vet. I highly recommend this product
Maddie has been have regular blood tests at her vets as after a biopsy it was found that she had age related liver disease,she has been having liver support tablets but enzyme levels staying the same until she had a blood last week when I got the news that her levels had dropped by a great amount which we are over the moon about, I can only put thes down to Canine Prime, next blood test 3-4 months hopefully it will have gone down even further
My Labrador is 13 years old, has elbow and hip dysplasia, due to poor breeding, and also suffers from arthritis. She was already on Yumove, Meta cam and more recently Paracetamol (as advised by my vet). However age has caught up with her and after her hip gave out I searched for anything else that may help her recover as she is still alert, eating well and looks forward to her sedate little walks. I purchased a tub of Prime at the promotional price but have to admit to being sceptical, but was desperate to find something to maintain or improve my dogs quality of life. For her weight (22kg) she should have a scoop and a half a day, which means it would last 20 days. Without doubt the product improved my dogs mobility and comfort, in fact everything has improved apart from her coat, but as I saw such an improvement on only 1 scoop I have not increased to the recommended dose so this may have impacted on the coat improvement. I would really recommend the product itself, however I noticed in the promotional video that there was a belief that the best products should be affordable for all, but the current price of 49.95 every 3 weeks is just not affordable for me (a pensioner) on top of her insurance and the Meta cam, and Yumove which arent covered by insurance, and I imagine I am not the only one. Because of her age and condition every week is a bonus and therefore do not wish to commit to the regular subscription, and am instead left only being able to purchase it if and when it returns to a promotional price. It is the cost which prevents my review being 5 star.
I've had my two 14 year old terriers on this for the past month, what a change its made, they are not only running around like puppies, but seem less stiff and have gone from mostly sloppy poos to solid healthy looking ones. Very happy indeed, do you think it would work as well for a 51 year old man???
Maddie 9 years old started on Canine Prime a few weeks ago and we have seen quite a big change in her , before she liked to sleep a lot but has now started to play with her toys again and also her liver enzyme levels have gone down quite a lot which has made us very happy
My dog used to pick at his food and leave it now he scrapes the bowl clean! He has a sensitive stomach but since introducing canine prime his bowel movements are improving and his gases are improving too!!! Definitely recommend. Only been 2 weeks but he's getting healthier.
My two fox red labradors have been on canine prime for 1 month, they are young healthy fit dogs, my 2 year old didnt get the perfect hip and elbow score , I was hoping for as we very much wanted 1 litter of pups as shes such a lovely dog, so I put her on canine prime to help improve her joints! She is thriving on it as is my 4 year old dog, although he appears to have gained a couple of kilos, which I need to address as hes very well exercised! Just wondering if anyone has seen any weight gain in their dogs?
My 12 year old Labrador who has bad arthritis and has just had an operation for pyrometra has been off her food for some time but since trying Canine Prime she is finishing every mouthful and licking the bowl clean. I have four others and even though I am just putting it in the bowl under the food they are all finishing it all. So far I'm very pleased with it.
I have been using this for 3 weeks now,and what a difference in my dog.Before using this he was sluggish and no energy,and had a job to walk properly.But now he wants to play and jumps when his dad comes home such a difference.Thank you so much.
I have 5 dogs on canine prime they have been in my house for a week with a friends dog with kennel cough and mot caught it. My 11 year old lab was given a year max and still going strong 18 months later. Yes it's expensive but so are vet bills
Our beloved staffy is almost 10. We sourced the best kibble (in our opinion) for him quite some time ago, but as with all pet food needed something that will add the much-needed goodness that is missing from it. We have had him on Canine Prime for over 3 months, adding it to his morning food. There have been some very noticeable changes. Some of which are, he is just full of spark and very alert. He had quite a few skin problems prior which seem to have gone. You can smell the natural goodness in this product. We do find it expensive but believe it is doing what it says it should, so will continue giving it a daily. Thank You Dr Lazaris.
10 year old Jack Russell dachshund cross limping after walks or exercise. She has been on this for two weeks and has stopped limping with a lot more energy. I would recommend it.
At the start of this year our 10 yo Lab was getting very slow and stiff (she has bad hip dysplasia) and I had thought that this was the beginning of the end for her active life. Four months on from trying Canine Prime she is far livelier regularly demanding walks and play time. I would say it has wound back the clock by around 2 years - and she is still getting fitter and stronger.
I very rarely leave reviews. My 12 year old dog has always had a sensitive tummy. As she has got older her liver is not working as well as it should. She had diarrhea 75% of the time, up 2 or 3 times in the night. She was sick 50% of the time And then excessive drinking and weeing. Also couldn't settle. Up and down and roundabout. Lost weight. The vet prescribed steroids. I took her off all of her medication and started canine prime. She has not been sick since her first scoop, a month ago now Within 2 days the excessive drinking stopped. Within a week her tummy was settled. She is now relaxed and has put on some of the weight she lost. It truly is marvellous. I would recommend it to anyone.
Although this product wasn't for my dog so I didn't order again, I hadn't realised I had opted in for a monthly delivery. When I called Customer Service for the money to be refunded, the chap there called Tom, was so pleasant and helpful it was a pleasure to speak with him. Not often you get Service like that in this day and age, really impressed.
Seems to be a good product?, only time will tell, but very expensive especially for a large dog
I ordered a jar of canine prime but my dog wouldn't eat his food the first couple of days. So I decided to mix in just half a scoop and he then started to eat his food. Have tried over the last couple of months to increase the amount but I think it's too rich for him as he stops eating as much. So I've kept him on half a scoop a day and he's happy with that and I have noticed an increase in his energy levels since. My dog is only 7.5kgs in weight so I think half a scoop is doing just as good a job as a full scoop. I've just gone on the website to order another jar but the price is now too expensive for me. I would subscribe to have a jar every three months if that was an option but I cannot afford a jar every month and my dog wouldn't get through it quick enough anyway. Despite Dr. Lazarus saying he's made it affordable, it isn't that affordable for everyone. It's a shame really as I can't give my dog anymore due to the expense of it, but it seems a great product and I would recommend it.
I have been using this for about 3 months now on my 3 dogs. I have noticed an all round healthy look. Just really pleased with the product
Trooper has really benefitted from this doggy elixir. Just about to order the next three months worth! It may appear expensive but Im certain this is compensated for by a beloved pet not having to visit a vet except for annual MOT or serious accident/surgery. My only wish would be if Dr Lazaris could make a similar formula for human companions! Go Canine Prime says Trooper.
This has been great for my cockapoo helping her with her fussiness and the lining in her stomach absolutely love it
As a dog breeder and equine owner I have been using supplements for years mainly for skeletal support with larger dogs, so I was interested to test Canine prime. I have been pleasantly surprised at the noticeable difference ie. extra energy, brighter and glossy coat and I have not been using anything like the recommended dose. This does what it says on the tin.
Maddy is my 10yr old King Charles Cavalier she had operations on her knees as a pup as she is getting older her hips also became a problem with arthritis, Maddy was becoming slower with her walking and finding it difficult to get upstairs I had to improve her quality of life I have tried various treatments with no effect or very little then I read about Cainine Prime. One month of giving Maddy the wonderful ingredients she is now mobilising with no stiffness or pain slowing her down and stairs are no problem also a lovely glossy coat, I have noticed also improvements with her bowl movement now formed and not sloppy. Thank you so much for discovering this wonderful formula I am ordering more and will continue to do so.
I have two Chihuahuas and have been adding Canine Prime to their food for around 3 months now ,one of my dogs has arthritis and has not wanted to go for walks for around 5yrs but since having Canine Prime he is now eager to go for short walks so I feel this brilliant supplement has given him a new lease of life .
My lab has had a new hip,severe arthritis in both elbows he also has colitis,I've got him on supplements but saw this and thought why not it's no more expensive than anything else I buy him,we have been on this quite a while and we subscribe for a jar every month,I weened him off everything else and left him on prime for a couple of months,but unfortunately I had to put him back on some of his supplements as his arthritis really flared up and he was struggling so we now use this alongside everything else,I do have to say though his coat is shinier even though he has always been a shiny pooch,he does have more energy and still likes to run around and play,at 10.5 years he is no spring chicken but he can move when he wants to lol.I would recommend this for people to try it does work just not in the same way for every dog on the plus side I'm sure it adds a bit of extra yumminess to their food.
I bought this and was very sceptical off it,it wasn't the price it was "What if this doesn't work" at first I had a real fight on my hand,Millie my dog wouldn't go near her food, I only put a small amount in at a time,No didn't think this was going to work I actually nearly threw the towel in but I carried on iam so glad I did Millie had cartilage trouble and was told by the vet to give her plenty of rest and only to go in the garden,this was for a few months.Well 3 months down the line and shes brilliant,she can jump up on the sofa again,This is fabulous powder a definite must.
I thought I would give this product a try as I was concerned at how my collie was becoming increasingly stiff, slow and reluctant to climb steps at the youngish age (for a border collie)of 11. I honestly can barely believe the change in her almost overnight - she is livelier, moves more freely, has stopped being intolerant of younger. bouncier dogs, and has resumed her habit of bounding upstairs to make sure we are coming down immediately to take her out for a run! I am usually very sceptical of online adverts or offers, but I intend to continue with this product if I can. Each pot lasts just over a month, and dogs seem to love the taste of it. The big downside is the high cost. especially for us OAPs or those on a tight budget.
A jar has lasted me 6 weeks. Has been a great improvement in Patches digestion of food. He has always had a very dodgy tummy since being a pup. He is now coming up to 11 years old and this is the longest time ever that he has not suffered with diarrhoea. Im ordering another jar
I waited a while to see if there was any noticeable difference and I think there is. Lily is 12 years old and has arthritis in her spine and legs. She has been on other joint supplements for a while but I wanted to see if this would help with her stiffness, stamina and anxiety. She has her main walk in the morning and is certainly more agile and enjoys her walks. In the evenings she is keen to go out for her short walk. Last few episodes of thunder she has been calm. So yes all in all good for her. Product packaging. Whilst the container is recyclable I would suggest you start to look for refills that can go in the jar. I dont need a 5ml spoon every time I buy it. The jars are half full, so smaller jars, less plastic again. Doing these things could reduce the cost and the impact of the plastic on the planet.
We have had numerous vomiting and eating grass problems with our blue staffy Ted. He would be fine for a couple of weeks then he would vomit again and look so sorry for himself.We would take him to the vets she put him on prescription dried dog food that helped him slightly then I saw an advert how to stop your dog eating grass.(Canine Prime) So we bought a tub and so far ted is absolutely brilliant will definitely be investing in another tub
ARTI We were extremely worried that our Arti was leaving us - blood constantly from rear-end, lethargic, and stiffening joints. After 1 month of canine prime, he was like his old self and we are absolutely thrilled to see him in such good shape considering he is 15 years old in a few months. Small dosage with meals twice daily, it's worth every penny! I have already recommended products to friends and other dog walkers...we are delighted that he has had a new lease of life.
If your anything like me I treat many reviews as made up, well this is from a genuin desperate dog owner. We have had our dog for six years and he could bark for England, having tried everything in the book with no success this was going to be the last resort before rehoming him. Well I have to say this a 100% worth while purchase as we have multiple tests of fireworks and door knockers and Roy has been so calm he's like a different dog I would highly recommend this and say it's worth every penny.
Both my rescue dogs had difficult early lives resulting in them even eating cardboard to stay alive! The vet after a scan said most of their organs as a result had deteriorated and not to expect too much, Canine Prime has changed their poo beyond belief, now it is normal, no more watery mess. They are also both much healthier looking, and at 10 and 7 years old doing well.
I am Extremely impressed. with Canine Prime! IT is the first Summer. Since 8 & 1/2 years that I havent had to give my dog 1 &1/2 Tablets of Piriton for her itchy skin & she also had to have a bath every week which I know longer have to do! She has a babys skin and has the character of a puppy which makes me VERY HAPPY!
I am sorry to say canine prime did nothing for my dog. However they have an excellent customer service And gave me a full refund straight away .
I found it very good but I am a single pensioner and it is to expensive for me to continue
Absolutely remarkable results on my elderly rescue greyhound, coat improved, joints vastly improved, stools much more solid, breath and flatulance both improved. Wow what a product. 5 stars from me and Danny.
My dog is a saluki and he was recently diagnosed with benign pancreatic Tumors heart failure and has had a stroke he is ten years old is on heart medication to regulate his heart rate and Ive spent over3000 on vets bills to date My dog sleeps most of the time and is very lethargic Since putting him on this product he is definitely more engaged and has the odd spurt of energy This product has helped his level of stamina and he is brighter The only criticism I have is that canine prime is very expensive and is therefore out of the reach of most ordinary working class people and their dogs which is a great pity
Ive been giving Canine Prime to my long haired Chihuahua for about 3 weeks now, and the difference is very noticeable. Her fur is beautiful sleek and glossy, her attitude is joyous and sassy. Whereas she used to be really timid and quite reserved she is now far more outgoing, plays all the time, her poops are well formed and she looks in perfect health. Canine Prime is very cost effective for her as a little dog. I shall be keeping her on it whilst these changes are noticeable
My Bichon Frieseis 11 in Feb 22, he has nearly completed his first pot and the change in him is remarkable! He has a new lease of life! He chases his ball in the morning and evening walks, he is full of energy and his sore, stiff back legs are almost back to normal! He is so active and full of life! I am so pleased that Im his latter years he is so active an interested in life again! I was sceptical initially, however it is the best thing I have ever done for him!!!! Thank you Canine Prime!
I've got an 11 year old Chorkie who's slowed down a bit recently (bit lethargic, some slight breathing issues) and his coat has become dull and he's shedding a hell of a lot so after some research, although a bit expensive, I decided to buy this and the relax+restore product. I was a bit skeptical because it's not a very well known brand by the looks of things, but it's the best investment I've made in him for a long while. Coat wise it's looking a lot healthier, he's shedding a lot less and he is more energetic (as energetic as an 11 year old can be). I bought the Relax & Restore just before all the fireworks and that worked a treat - usually barking non-stop with fireworks but he was calm in my lap all evening, could even let him outside to do his business and he was completely fine! Love the products, 100% recommending to everyone!
We have a whippet/greyhound, he's 15 years old now and was recently unwell to the point whereas the little food he did eat, it wouldn't stay inside him for long; as you can imagine he was getting thinner whilst we spent on vet bills to investigate and eventually found he had issues with his pancreas. After being diagnosed, we wanted Sock's to be as healthy as possible, my husband saw an add for Canine Prime and we thought if it helped it would be worth it. I couldn't believe how much of a difference it has made, we can no, longer see his ribs sticking out of his body, he loves his food again (even with the Canine Prime powder in), he is now keeping his food in and I (we) would certainly recommend it to anyone and plan on continuing to add this to his diet. What I have noticed that there's a Cat version called Feline 40 in which I have just seen today when I thought I would compile this grateful review, and as I also have a 9 year old long hair cat that adopted us last March, I may also try this with Poppy who is often a more picky eater. Thank you. X
For about 12 months Humphreys coat went from magnificent to dull, dry and slightly thinning. I tried various treatments and shampoos, all to no avail. He has always been fed a good quality raw food and he has a daily pudding of fresh berries, or other fruits with a little Greek yogurt. I am a great sceptic to miracle cures but I thought I would try your product, expecting nothing more than another dent in my wallet. Humphrey has been on Canine Prime now for about three weeks and to my amazement there is an improvement. His fur has not yet returned to its former glory but its getting there. Im a very happy customer!
My 11 and a half year old standard poodle has been on canine prime for a few weeks now and the difference is amazing - she is so much happier, she has arthritis and was on tablets from the vet but she doesnt need them now. Shes like a different dog and its so nice to see her so happy.
My two and a half year old cockapoo Banjo was experiencing terrible itching even through the night. The vet was treating him with different medications for a few months and he did stop scratching during that time. The vet wanted me to keep Banjo on the meds but I said no he was far to young to be on medication for life. So I saw your advert for canine prime and after a month of adding it to Banjo's food, he stopped scratching. I am delighted with the product and will continue to add it to his food. Thank you so much for my dogs great health.
Luigi, 6 yr old Boxer was limping, and has always looked a bit thin. HIs diet is wheat free complete food with small pouch wet food added. Fed twice a day. He is always given more than he will eat but still skinny. Any other dry food with wheat makes revolting poo. Still feeding the same diet with added CP his limp is 90% improved, Coat lovely , and wetter nose. Hoping to buy a dry food that will be less costly to help toward cost of CP. Have not tried it yet ! Thanks, it is good stuff !!!
My 8 year old dog has osteoarthritis in his legs and spondylitis of the spine. He was on YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 which you have to get through the Vets. Although it helped, he still suffered after exercise and his quality of life was deteriorating. So I decided to try Canine Prime and I have seen quite an improvement, he is generally more lively and happy to exercise. Although he still needs meta cam from time to time, but no where near as often as before. So why the 4 stars? The price! At thirty kilos, my dog requires 90 worth of Canine Prime every month and that's after the subscription discount!
My rescue dog has a black coat and the shine on it now is very noticeable. This is after a few weeks of canine Prime on her food. I met friends I had not seen for a while and they immediately commented on how good she looked since they last saw her. She is full of energy with bright eyes and her frequent bouts of upset tummy have diminished.
My 1 year old Bedlington/ Whippet has been on Canine Prime for 3 weeks. Her wiry coat is now shining and feels so soft. Very impressed. Just shows that she was not receiving everything she needed from her complete, dried food..
we have been giving our dog ( an 8 year old rescue Alaskan malamute) this for around 2 months and although at first i thought it a little pricey, it is definitely worth the money. her usual meals were mainly dry food with some poached white chicken or fish with a little rice, broccoli or carrots. since adding some canine prime once a day, her stools are firmer, she has less stomach upsets (before she had frequent bouts of sickness or runny poo), she used to frequently lick her wrist joint as she has arthritis and her anti inflammatory medicine made her stomach worse, but now doesn't lick as often. she also used to lick the pads on her feet and the area around her private parts, but not so much any more. her eyes seem brighter, she has a softer coat and seems to have more energy. she also loves the taste and wolfs her food down as soon as it is put in front of her.
Since my Rhodesian Ridgeback has been on two scoops of this product a day I have noticed the following improvements. 1)Her coat has been restored to the velvety quality she had as a puppy. 2)Her behaviour has improved. I cannot say if this is down to Canine Prime, or the fact my puppy is growing up but I suspect it's a bit of both. Hard to say without a proper clinical study. 3)My bestie beastie friend is in prime condition (no pun intended). Much of this is down to the raw diet I feed her - I am anti-kibble and popular commercially available canned food - but I think the benefits of Canine Prime have to be weighed up in the context of her overall lifestyle and the fact she gets only the best quality of everything, gets optimum exercise and her weight is monitored weekly. Giving dogs more food than they need is not love - it's abuse. So overall, I believe that Canine Prime as part of a healthy lifestyle seems to be working for my pampered pal but I stress - as part of a healthy lifestyle. Don't expect transmogrification without all the correct pieces of the jigsaw being in place. One final thing - the product is horribly expensive and one tub doesn't last long when your have a large-breed hound. I understand that for many people, the product is just too expensive to consider. I think if Your Pet Nutrition could squeeze its profit margins a bit without compromising on product quality, the extra turnover achieved might make it worth the company's while. The above is just my opinion. I have no medical qualifications.
Received this product this morning and gave it to my two Boys Casper and Ollie. Day one and they ate all their tea tonight with no problems, nothing left in their bowls. So so far looking good that they like it.
We got a cockerpoo and he is 5 years old and suffered since he was born with alergies and constant scratching. We used this now just over a month now and most of his symptoms have stopped. We pay for medicine up to nop#w just over 90 pounds a month and this works 1000 times better. A great and loud woof woof from our " Bailey " and many thanks. Money well spend.
We have been treating our 8 year old pet dog with Canine Prime for only 2 weeks now, already we can see obvious improvements in her running when playing with other dogs and the condition of her coat is a lot more smooth and shinny.
My little Daisy - a 7yr old Portuguese Podengo Piqueno - has numerous health issues, including a hiatus hernia and reflux. For the last 5 years Daisy and I have battled with the ups and downs of her ailments and I've watched helplessly as she's struggled to eat and to relieve herself of the copious amounts of mucous which build up in her tummy. I decided to try Canine Prime, after reading customer reviews and seeing the amount of nutrition inside each other tub. Although I balked a bit at the cost, I decided it was cheaper than the monthly prescription drugs that I was about to recommence. I started Daisy on Prime 2 weeks ago tomorrow, beginning with just a pinch added to her meals, and 2 days later she became very unwell with lots of very loud tummy groanings and green sludgey poo! I contacted customer care who explained that this could possibly be due to the enzymes working through her gut, but that if it didn't stop in a couple of days then I should stop giving it to her. The very next day however she was well and wanted to eat, very early in the morning, which for Daisy is unheard of!! Since that day she has got better and better and, even the usual wheezing sound from the mucous build up has stopped. The other truly amazing change is that for the first time ever Daisy looks for her food, she follows me into the kitchen at meal times and waits for me to feed her. She licks the bowl round, even trying to get the last tiny morsal that may have fallen from her mouth to the floor. In fact yesterday she devoured my friends dogs dinner, something which she has never done before. It made us both laugh a lot. Her appetite has really been boosted and, whilst I'm trying to be cautious, I can't help but think that it's all down to Canine Prime. Really amazing so far. I have today increased the amount I give her to half a scoop divided between 2 meals. I will update in another couple of weeks. Thank you for this wonderful product and a big thank you from Daisy too.
I have just re-ordered another 3 pots having almost completely used 3 . Our 8 years old Cocker Spaniel has shown a marked improvement in her vitality. I thoroughly recommend this product.
Our Swiss Shepherd 'Knightly' is 4 years old and had a total hip replacement and a broken leg, since a puppy he has had stomach problems. Various medications he has taken, when Canine Prime was introduced there is definately a difference when eating more enthusiasm, after the two operations his fur was thin, now it is looking so much better. These two things alone are showing a general alertness which was lacking in the past.
When I started watch the video I'm thinking more Snake Oil Marketing but thought then this could be worthwhile so we tried one jar and see what occurs....... Bloody Helll!! After a few days my dog has got a Benjamin Buttons syndrome!!! She looks acts behaves and most importantly is living like a much younger dog. Loving life she seems so happy more energetic playful confident and content Me and my partner Kay are overjoyed for Szetty our much loved dog....... Canine Prime has even made us happier too!! We think the product is expensive but seeing the results it is a good expensive Have subscribed for the year and will keep renewing as the quality of live for Szetty is paramount
Im Timo a 11 year old border collie with a heart murmer and arthritis. I take vet medin for my heart and get a monthly painkilling injection for my artritis. I started taking Canine Prime around three weeks ago and i feel so much more energetic and agile. My owner says i dont need the monthly pain killing injections anymore saving him nearly 25 per month. Before it was very painful to get up after a walk but now it is so much better and instead of sleeping all day and night i now annoy my owner by asking to play tug even when i have just been out for an hour or so. I also get up earlier in the morning, something my owner is not to keen on! My stools are mainly firm now, before they were often loose. I have always been a picky eater, but now i just wolf down any food put in front of me now, overall my owner says he is very happy with Canine Prime and has already ordered next months supply.
I brought this product out of desperation for my 2-year-old cockapoo. I was very unsure and the cost did make me keep changing my mind but after yet another bout of her eating grass, being sick and bloody stools that only last a day, I was desperate to find something that would help. She would have these days, perhaps once a week, and no reason why. I feed her Butternut box so she has a good quality diet, but I was constantly mystified as to why she had days like that. I am extremely careful what treats, biscuits etc she has and decided after another day of where, yet again, all she wanted to eat was grass and refused everything else, that I had to give it a try. I was very sceptical but decided that if it didn't work, I wouldn't order it again. Well, that was 3 weeks ago, and I can honestly say she hasn't had one single day of grass eating, being sick, or bloody poos. It has to be because I've added canine prime to her breakfast meal as she has never gone this long without a bout of tummy upset. 2 very happy customers and 49 whilst I still think is quite expensive is a small price to pay for a happy and healthy doggy. Long may it continue. I will definitely be a regular customer from now on.
My Lab is 7 years old in July. Hes had two leg ops and has arthritis since he was 4. We have him on YouMove which seem ok and standard. However we have just finished our first 3 pots of Canine Prime and we cannot believe the difference. Hes so much more playful, happy and wanting to run more after sticks and balls much more than before. He actually wants more play than before, just like a puppy again We saw the noticeable difference after two weeks. We will continue with this. No problem eating it either, being a lab he gobbles the powder with his food without any issue, he loves it.
Definitely our 12 year old staffy is more puppy-like. It is a joy to see. I was shocked to learn how poor canine nutrition is. Maybe she would not have developed such horrible arthritis if we had put her on this years ago :(
Our 12 year old Kelpie X Gsd has always been active and healthy, however she really started to slow down at 10 years old , developed arthritis in her hips, coat became dull and listless and I tried so many different feeds to no avail to try and help her. Finally ( and being put off by the price plus thinking perhaps this was just another scam) I took the plunge and bought 3 jars. That was a month ago and I am truly amazed at the difference , not only in her overall condition but her whole attitude has changed , she is bright , happy and energetic with a huge improvement in her hips. I have 5 dogs which makes it very expensive but the improvement in condition and attitude in the older girls is worth every penny !!
Started my nearly 13yr old dog Bentley on this....i can't believe the difference in him... More lively/playing more/breath is amazing his coat is so shinny to....he has alot of fatty lumps and they seem to be less....its just nearly take it myself
Started my nearly 13yr old dog Bentley on this....i can't believe the difference in him... More lively/playing more/breath is amazing his coat is so shinny to....he has alot of fatty lumps and they seem to be less....its just nearly take it myself
Tammy is a Labrador, border collie cross which we got from a rescue centre 15 years ago and she is now 16years 4 months old we have given her canine prime since I first heard of it online over a year ago. It has been brilliant and she still manages a 20 minute walk every day. She has gone deaf in the last year. Although she is doing so well I feel I am having to pay full price each time as I dont want to be left with tubs of this supplement left once she is no longer with us. Im being realistic as she is now approx 113 in human years!
l started giving canine prime supplement to my dog two to three years ago because l changed her diet to fresh cooked meat and vegetables and l wanted to make sure she was having enough nutrients and vitamins also she has a history of dislicating her hip and not being able to walk more than 1 lap of our athletic field now she does up to 7 laps and is always ready for more her coat is so soft and shiny l liove this product for her she is 12 this year but when we are walking she thinks she is a puppy and forgets we are two old ladies together thank you so much for producing this wonderful product
This is my second order of 3 Canine Prime would definately recommend for your pet dog Poppy loves the taste xx
My Cavapoo used to be a very fussy eater and was constantly getting horrible bouts of vomiting alongside bloody stools due to her food allergies. Since starting on Canine Prime last October she has not had one bout of sickness and is now a real foodie! She wolves down every meal. I love seeing her so excited to eat, something I hadnt witnessed in her since she was a few months old. I should also mention I give her the same food she was on before we started with the supplements. Ive also noticed she has more energy and is therefore more playful.
Well this Cannine Prime supplement has been a blessing for my Cocker Spaniel. This past year she has so many changes with her life. The first major change was having her to travel from Australia to the United Kingdom. It was such a long journey and a major change for her in every way. Then we have had a lot of work done on the house with lots of strangers visiting. This had unsettled her, we as humans knew what was happening, but she didn't and life was upside down for a few months. We had alot of episodes of diarrhoea and she had days when going for a walk, she appeared not to be enjoying herself. Then I read all about Cannine Prime and thought this is what she needs and I have got my old friend back again. It took a few weeks, but it is so nice to see her so happy and energetic and behaving as she did when living in Australia. I have also started the Calm+Restore as she gets distressd with the fireworks. It was something we didn't have in Australia, fireworks going off at anytime. Fireworks were banned for personal use and could only be at organised events. For which we always knew when that would be. So I am now thanking you from the botton of my heart for helping my best friend.
Got this for my dog and have been using it for about 2-3 weeks. Since using this powder her coat is softer and healthier than it has ever been, her poos are much healthier and solid and she is much more energetic and generally healthier and happier.
I genuinely think this is good. My beautiful Japanese Akita Ruby is eleven years old, I feed her home cooked and wanted to make sure she wasn't missing out on any nutrients because of this. She's suffered from arthritis in her hip for about four years and has supplements, medication and laser therapy for this. She also has a seasonal pollen allergy for which she has Cytopoint. Since starting her on Canine prime around six months ago she has definitely been livelier and more puppyish and seems to have less problems with her hip, I've been able to spread the laser therapy to around six weekly (it was about three weekly). She has also started playing with a friends young dog, something she would never have done before. She doesn't look her age and people are surprised when I tell them she's eleven, which for an eighty five pound dog in human years means she's in her seventies. She always looks great, but she looks even more great now.
My 9 year old collie Callie has had several illness since around 5 years old including colitis, skin allergies and hair loss, arthritis lethargy and looking totally miserable. After only 4 weeks of Canine Prime her skin and coat have improved, her stomach problems have ceased and she appears to be walking without pain. The best of all is her puppy like enthusiasm for everything has returned and shes enjoying life again. She appears much happier in herself with more energy than she has had for 12 months or so.
I feed my Labrador a raw meat diet with added veg and fruit after seeing the signs of premature ageing in him at 5 years old ,after feeding him a kibble diet he is 13 years old now and looks amazing with very little grey on his face . However I was interested in learning that the average age of a Golden Retriever in the UK used to be 17 years old which has now been reduced to 9 , we have shortened dogs life by 8-9:years . In Japan some dogs live to 23 years . This supplement has had amazing results with my dog , more energy and just general overall well-being . His coat is shiny , he moves easily now and its transformative , does what it says on the tin .
Our beloved rescue dog Brian, a small standard poodle who is thirteen and a half, is thriving on Canine Prime. He has more energy, better digestion, more comfortable joints, more strength. Hes always loved life. Now he loves life even more.
I started giving Canine Prime fairly recently to my almost 9 year old retired Racing Greyhound Flash. I must say I didnt really expect much change in her general condition but was quite amazed on how shiny and glossy her black coat became after a couple of weeks. I shall definitely carry on using it .. Many Thanks.. Ann and Flash
I was skeptical but thought give it a try, why not. Molly our 7 year old black Labrador has had a few health problems, spondylitis of the spine being one & terrible itching & scratching. She just wasnt herself although her pain meds are working well she just seemed under the weather. Can honestly say hand on heart after being on this supplement for nearly a month she has her sparkle back & her mischievous nature has returned. No more itching & scratching, her coat is amazing & her eyes are bright. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying this especially as a money back guarantee is offered although I doubt you will need to use it. So very pleased with Canine Prime
Wasn't sure about this as I have tried many things before. Honestly I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. So yes I definately recommend this Canine Prime. I have a small chihuahua and bought two tubs which lasted 5mths. Didn't need a tub every month.
My two dogs, Walter and Maisie, have been taking this supplement for a little over a week and Ive seen a marked improvement, especially with Maisie my 14 year old border collie. She has arthritis and struggled to walk especially first thing in the morning. She is still limping slightly but hardly noticeable and I simply cant believe it. I also thought neither of them would eat it as it doesnt look very palatable but they love it! Even Walter who is notoriously fussy. Really am gobsmacked and euphoric at the same time. Everyone seems to be moaning about the price but I think its worth every penny given the results, my peace of mind and money saved from constant visits to the vet. I also thought Id left it too late until I read other reviews where most of the dogs were elderly. Just feel its onwards and upwards.
Our 11 year old black Labrador had been on Canine Prime for a while, we stopped giving it to him to try something else, and we noticed he was feeling his age, and very sluggish, so last month we put him back on Canine Prime and the difference after a week was unbelievable, it's dear but well worth it,
My late Dobermann thrived on Canine Prime. His death was from a genetical disease, so couldn't be prevented. Nevertheless, right up to his last week, he was active, more active than he'd been for years, that I put down to Canine Prime. I believe I was one of the first to subscribe on its launch. Now, I have a new puppy, a Working Cocker, he's been on Canine Prime since I brought him home. I want only the best for my little boy. He's using up the last of my Dobies Canine Prime, then I'll be re subscribing. I swear by it. Can't thank Dr Lazarus and his team enough.
Hi My Springer Poppy And my lurcher Lily have been on Canine Prime for less than a month and there is a remarkable difference to both. Lily having thin skin cuts easily when playing and her fur never grew back over her scars but after 3 weeks of Canine Prime her fur is not only glossy her scars are starting to grow fur. Pops is 15 this year and she goes on a long walk every day and swims and out does a 10 year old. Most dogs would want a sleep after there walk and dinner, not my Poppy want to play. I will always use it
This product and the Relax+Restore did nothing to help my dog at all, hence the four stars, but I couldn't give less because the customer service is excellent, with both items refunded on return of the jars, no quibble. Emails to customer service were responded to very quickly even at the weekend.
I read about canine prime and thought its just another advertisement promising the earth and doing nothing weve all been there then I read a review on mumsnet and decided to give it a try guess what its 100% genuine my 9 yr old chihuahua has suffered for years with bad joints shoulders hips etc and he moulted constantly well after 5days of use he is like a new dog again bouncing around and not one hair is he losing I am extremely impressed with this product Highly recommend
My springer spaniel is 15 this year and has been having canine prime for 5 weeks now and I cant believe the difference in her. Shes like she was 8 years ago. I used to have to wake her up but shes at the bottom of the stairs wagging her tail and woofing wanting to go out at 0230 hrs when I get up for work. She has a 4 hour walk with a group and still wants to play when she gets back. Ive passed on to all I know who have dogs and told them to buy it and if no improvements then I will buy it off them. Magic powder xx
I was a little skeptical at first, but have tried many supplements for my 12 year old German Shepherd Bonnie and my 10 Year old Belgian Shepherd Bella. Bonnie is showing her age with the odd limping and Bella has a notoriously sensitive stomach and sensitive skin and itchy paws, which she constantly chews. WHAT a Miracle. It doesn't look that palatable and thought they would reject it, I added it with some water with their food and have to say both LOVE it. It's only been a week and kind of holding my breath, but so far, NO limping, NO chewing paws (which was a daily minute by minute occurrence) and both have great (sorry... in advance) No'2's also (was always hit and miss runny poo), I am so pleased so far and DEF would recommend and going to go on subscription for this.
My dog suffers badly with pancriatitus and is on low fat food bland stuff vet recommended can he have this
This powder as been amazing for my dog Harvey who is a shitzu prior to using this I had been to the vets as I noticed when he was standing from a sitting/ lying down he struggled to move his left leg the vet said it was his knee joint, he could not get up the stairs I had to carry him. Harvey has been having this now for 8 weeks took him a while to get used to it in his food but I did what was suggested introducing it slowly and now he has no problem eating his food, he his also a much happier boy he can now go upstairs on his own and has no problems moving his leg, he also used to eat a lots of grass on his walks that has now stopped. Wound highly recommend
My Yorkshire terrier is a very fussy eater. She has various small kibble but no dog food. I cook her supper and more often than not sticks her nose in the air to chicken, calves liver, steak, lamb - etc. So frustrating. What a transformation I add some of the canine prime powder and mix it around with water to coat the food and she eats every morsel and licks the plate clean. What is in it for her to suddenly scoff the lot - something addictive!
Wow! Used for 3 weeks and my dog has so much energy! Would highly recommend & suggest doing human equivalent please
I had been using this product for over a year and my dogs condition improved. However she was putting on weight. Due to an accident in May I had to pass my dog to a friend to look after. My subscription to canine prime had run out so for the last 3 months she has not had her supplement. My daughter mentioned that she was a bit listless and not her normal self( she is 5yrs old). The vet recommended we reduce her food intake, to reduce her weight. A month later she has not lost weight but is still listless. I know she is missing me, but I have realised she hasnt been getting her canine prime. When I saw her this week she was itching had dry skin and wasnt her self. Thus I have reinstated my subscription in the hope that I will have my happy active dog back soon. Ill let you know !
My 10 year old springer / pointer cross had started to get very tired towards the end of our longer walks and was struggling to keep up with my 6 year old collie - I had put this down to her age and dropped to walking her on alternate days to let her recover each time. But it got me wondering why she was 'failing' at such a young age, when dogs I'd had when I was younger were pretty lively well into their mid-teens. I started doing a bit of research online and came across an advert for Canine Prime. Being one of the world's bigger cynics I thought it was a scam, and against my better judgment ordered 3 jars. It took a week or so to get both the dogs to eat it (you really have to follow the instructions about phasing it in to their food) but once they were used it, what a transformation! My springer is now full of beans again on our walks, covering twice as much ground as before and enjoying exploring, rolling in unmentionables, zoomies and life in general. It's great to see how much brighter and alert she is. I'm so glad I started both my dogs on Canine Prime - it is very expensive but it is worth it - I just wish there was a people version I could have!
Wow. Canine Prime made a massive difference to my dog. He was loosing the hair on his back and hind legs. I took him to the vets who gave me medication that actually made him really poorly. So i ditched what the vets gave me and gave him Canine Prime with every meal and the changes in him and his coat were amazing. i cant rate this product high enough. Amazing Stuff
Just ordered my second batch of 3 tubs. Seen a difference in my staffie since using it. His energy levels have increased and he's stopped limping. Would highly recommend.
Mi Bichon Frise is 14 years old. He had many large lumps on his body. I am on my second tub of Canine Prime and many of his lumps have disappeared completely and the biggest of them have shrunk by at least 50%. I wish Dr Michael Lazaris did a human version of this. Amazing.
We have a wonderful and vibrant English Bull Terrier called Apollo. We ordered Canine Prime after an unfortunate bout of salmonella which was supported by our vet, plus supplementation of Canine Prime. Apollo was a new dog. Not only could we notice an increase in vigour and overall well-being, we also noticed an improvement in his sleep and overall contentment, and behaviour. Needless to say Apollo now receives Canine Prime everyday, and he is a super dog for it. Even his coat is soft and shines, and it isn't coarse and dry like some dog coats can be. Genuinely, I am so thankful for identifying this supplement. Dog nutrition needs expert medical and clinical insight, and Apollo now eats and looks like a canine athlete. So pleased.
My 13 year old terrier had been a little lethargic, sleeping a lot and generally lacking vitality he used to have. I introduced him to Canine Prime gradually into his feed. - After 5 days, he displayed considerable more energy throughout the day (my brother commented what have you been giving to your dog!). - After 7-10 days, he had significantly greater shine to his coat and brighter outlook generally. - 10 days onwards, shows a great deal more endurance (running on walks and keeping up with/ exceeding dogs half his she), better appetite, and significant increase in vitality. He is now nearly 14 years old - and will be kept on Canine Prime permanently. As one of the other reviews said, I wish this supplement was also available for humans (and horses).
Bella, my 13 year old Labrador, has had a checkered medical history; constant ear infections, allergies, digestive problems and intestinal cancer. However, it has been her arthritic joints that have caused her the greatest distress. She loves her walks and runs and not being able to manage even the shortest walk without pain turned her into a sad, depressed dog. The prescribed pain killers have helped but her paws and joints remained inflamed and sore to the touch. 18 months ago I started her on Canine Prime. The process has been slow, however, in the last few months I have noticed a marked improvement in her flexibility and movement. She enjoys a walk, is back to pulling on the lead and is able to rise more easily from a lying position. Her mood is much brighter, she shows an interest in the world again and the old, tired look has gone. What I note in particular is that the inflammation in her paws is much reduced and she will now let me hold them again. Nothing has changed in her meds or diet so I can only conclude that this improvement is due to Canine Prime. I do not generally write reviews but I felt that this was important to share with other dog owners whose pet may be suffering from this condition.
I would love to purchase another one but the Price is sooo high 49 - I just cant justify it - I have five dogs one of which is on this -
THIS IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT. This is my third tub I have bought but having to think about keeping going as the price is SOOOOO high - especially in the current economic climate and as winter is approaching. Such a shame
I have seen a marked improvement after 2 weeks, the arthritis pain was starting to get her down, and her anxiety levels have improved. Apart from her 1 hour walk daily, she now wants to play ball in the garden too. Amazing
My dog has been using Canine Prime for nearly a month now. We are so pleased with his overall Health and well being. Any problems we had with his sensitive gut and loose stools have cleared completely! He also enjoys his food now and always leaves a clean bowl! Lastly he seems to sleep much better as well. Thank you!
Having watched the video I would love to purchase your product for my dog BUT, being on pension (74 years old) and living on my own so no other pension coming in the price puts it completely out of my reach, shame as it's my dog that will suffer because it's absolutely out of my price scope, I'm sure the are hundreds of oaps out there who would give it a try if the price dropped drastically
We have been using this product for just on one month and oh my goodness what a difference to our 91/2 year old dog. He has had health issues all his life with stiff joints, digestion issues and over the years we have tried lots of other products and they have settled him a little. Then I spotted an advert for Canine Prime and thought we would try it as we had nothing to loose - and we cannot believe the difference in him he is actually behaving like a dog - he is enjoying his walks, sniffing around and walking a whole lot better. We cannot believe the difference it is like he is back to being 5 years old again - it is so lovely to see him like this. We have even had people asking us what we have done to him he is looking so well his eyes are bright and his coat is soft and shiny. Wish we had found this product years ago
First brought this for my dogady who sadly died of a stroke. Adopted what I was told was a 10 year old Lhasa who was in good health. However it turns out that Jayjay is thirteen and apart from bad teeth he has suspected cuchingx. Quite a shock as you can imagine. He walked quite badly when I first got him which we put down to him being very overweight. His owner had not her fault. I could not return him to the rehoming centre knowing that he would most probably be put down. I give him a scoop and a half of canine prime each day. I did check if this would be okay. He is doing very well at the moment goes for his walks and is quite interested in all that is going on around him. He is having a blood test on Thursday to check for Cushing, but I do think prime is helping him. He now weights about 8 kilos instead of over 10.
Started my 9 year old cockerpoo on canine prime about three weeks ago , his breath has stopped being smelly and he definitely has more energy , I am very pleased with it : I just wish it was a little cheaper
This has transformed our two elderly little lhasa crosses from vet ridden ,scratchy skin problem,allergys ,arthritic dogs back into bouncy pups with no health issues .Even ones eyes cleared up and doesnt need any medication. now Although expensive neither has seen a vet for a year. Just wish they did it for humans .
Our beloved rescue Brian, now almost 14, has been thriving on Canine Prime for a while now... EVERYTHING is improved. But I noticed something yesterday that really made me smile. He was leaving a few drops of pee on every post, with such confidence. He knows how good and healthy, how irresistible to other dogs, his pee smells now! It was very sweet to see.
I introduced canine prime to our 7 year old dog slowly as per instructions. At first I wasnt convinced I would be able to succeed, but within a short time she is gobbling down the powder,albeit wrapped in a small piece of a beef slice. We are already seeing a wonderful change in her coat and demeanour. She is behaving like a young dog to the extent we could do with the supplement to keep up with her.
My 14 year old Lab is loving this supplement,seems more spritely and keen. Other dog walkers are asking what she is getting as she is doing so well. Very pleased so far only been on this product for about 2 months she would eat it straight out the jar if I let her.
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